Bites (2003)

tires, acrylic paint, chains, dogs /
installation, Foundation Krisnhamurti, Bangalore (India)

The scene, calm and static, is based on the vision of seven dogs (of mixed races) tied by a leash rapped around seven different track tires that lay down on the floor. Each of the tires has the name of a religious faith painted on with white acrylic paint (catholic, muslim, protestant, buddhist, hindu, jew, orthodox). The dogs are distant from each other at least 2 or 3 meters. The aim of this installation is to represent the unity in plurality, to underline the fact that a common destination is reserved to everybody, above all the differences of religion creed and race. The leash the dogs are tied by, prevent the possibility they can bite each other. But this prevention implies the certainty that the struggle would take place if they were let free. The artwork underlines the fact that a status of “imprisonment” (physical o mental) could not prevent but just encourage and promote the fear of the other (with different origin and culture).