CONSTELLATIONS, [dip] contemporary art – Lugano (2018)
Monuments of the Memory for CASAMADRE, Napoli (2016)
Souvenir (2015)
Monuments of the Memory – for GRANPALAZZO (May 30-31, 2015)
Monuments of Memory – Monotype Series (2015)
Beginning and End (2014)

Black Tears (2014)
Projects Scale Model for Monuments of the Memory (2010/2013)
Monuments of the Memory (2013) Paolo Canevari, “Monuments of the Memory”, Galleria Christian Stein Milano, June-July 2013
Public ProjectMonument of the Memory (Billboard)
New York, May 2013
Paolo Canevari’s Studio in Brooklyn (2012) Photos by Francesco Carrozzini
Visionaire RELIGION (2011) Curated by Riccardo Tisci, Project by Paolo Canevari in collaboration with Francesco Carrozzini and Franca Sozzani
Decalogo at the Drawing Center (2011) New York, Drawing Center
Black Books (2011)
ODI ET AMO (2010) Rome, GNAM (Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna)
Madre Mia (2010) Rome, Palazzo Valentini
She-Wolf Knife, Eagle Fork, Octopus Spoon (2010) Silver
Nobody Knows (2010) Prato, Centro per l’arte contemporanea LUIGI PECCI March, 20th to August 1st, 2010
ThANKS (2010)
Milano, Galleria Christian Stein March, 29th, 2009
Decalogo (2008)Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica
Burning Skull / Burning Tree / Burning Gun / Godog (2007)MACRO, Museo d’Arte Contemporanea
No Title (2007) Collaboration with the designer Ricardo Tisci, Another magazine Photo © Richard Burbridge
Bouncing Skull (2006 -2007) Video (10′ 30″) Shot in the former Serbian Army Head Quarters in Belgrade, that was bombed in 1999 by the NATO.
Burning Skull (2006) Video (4′)
Burning Colosseum (2006) Video (3′ 15″)
Burning Gun (2006) Video (4′)
Swing (2006) tires, paint installation view, Patong Beach, Thailand
Rubber Car (2006) Rubber from inner tubes MART, Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto (Italy)
Continents (2005) Video (5′ 40″)
Ring of Fire (2005) Video (8′ 15″)
Black Stone (2005) Rubber from inner tubes
Seed (New York, 2004) Digital elaboration and print from outdoor performance, N.Y.C., New York (USA)
Seed (2004) Installation
Welcome to Oz (2004) Installation, Rubber from inner tubes PS1 Contemporary Art Center, New York (USA)
Godog (2003) acrylic paint, chain, dog installation, Museion – Museo d’arte contemporanea di Bolzano, Bolzano (Italy)
Colosso (2002) tires installation and performance, Galleria Christian Stein, Milano (Italy)
The Line (2002) rubber from bicycle inner tube performance, EV+A 2002, Limerick (Ireland)
Bites (2003) tires, acrylic paint, chains, dogs installation, Foundation Krisnhamurti, Bangalore (India)
God Year (2003) acrylic paint, tire, tank outdoor installation, Rome (Italy)
Jesus-Mohammed-Buddha (2002) acrylic paint, caravans installation, Villa Medici – Accademia di Francia, Rome (Italy)
Jesus – Buddha – Mohammed Acrylic oaint, car cloths, cars Outdoor installation, outskirts of Bangkok (Thailand) Center of Academic Resources Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok
On Road (2001) Water on asphalt Outdoor installation, Rome (Italy)
Papa (2001) Actor, cloth made from rubber inner tubes Performance, Palazzo Delle Papesse, Centro Arte Contemporanea, Siena (Italy)
Mama (2000) Actor, rubber inner tube, rubber from bicycle inner tube, nail. Performance, Associazione Volume!, Rome (Italy)
Ossi (1999) Cloth made from rubber inner tubes (4x4m), automobile Trabant (DDR) Installation, Galleria Comunale d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Rome (Italy)
Jesus (1999) 18th century wooden sculpture, tire
Fosso (1998) installation view, Istituto Austriaco di Cultura, Rome
Cero (1998) stick on wall, candle installation in artist’s studio, Rome
Spaghetti (1998) overcooked pasta on table installation in artist’s house, Rome
Ponte (1994) Ballpoint pen drawing on paper, bottle Work to abandon in river or sea
SupeRoma (1994) Video stills from animated film, 2 min. Production Blobcartoon, Rai 3
Buoni e cattivi (1994) Acrylic paint on school desks and on comic book pages from Marvel Comics superheroes Installation view, Scuola elementare Giosuè Carducci, Rome (Italy)
Eroi (1991) Acrylic paint on comic book pages from Marvel Comics superheroes
Rocce (1989) exhibition, one-night installation, Wessel O’Connor Gallery, New York
Colonna barocca (1989) exhibition, one-night installation, Wessel O’Connor Gallery, New York